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Things To Know About Wine Before You Visit

When people are asked what they enjoy about being a wine drinker, many will say tasting the wines themselves or perhaps the food and cheese that comes with the experience. Others will say perhaps the scenery or perhaps simply the fact that Tuscany is such an amazing and beautiful place. Regardless of what people decide, one thing is sure and that is that there are several things to know about wine and Tuscany that anyone who is considering spending any amount of time in this region should be aware of. Wine tasting is simply the current sensory experience and assessment of various wine styles. While the process of wine tasting is as old as the creation of it, a more officialized methodology of wine tastinghas gradually developed over the years, culminating in the present-day recognition as the prestigious International Wine Tasting Festival held annually in Tuscany, Italy. The unique climate and landscape of Tuscany allow for the incredible diversity in terms of both the type and variety of grapes grown within the region. These grape varieties can be characterized by their physical shape as well as the flavor and acidity level of the wine produced from them. In the past, the majority of Tuscany wines were made from these four varieties of grapes; however, changes in transportation methods and land management have allowed for new grape varieties to gain popularity. Even if you are just visiting the area for the weekend, it is important to explore the region’s rich history. While you are traveling through Tuscany, be sure to stop at local wineries to sample the region’s wines. No matter your taste or interest, there is sure to be a wine experience that will please you in Tuscany.