What do you need to know about wedding venue selection?

Choosing a venue should be your top priority after setting an approximate wedding date and putting together a rough guest list. In terms of wedding planning, you cannot do much else until you know where you are going. Booking vendors beforehand could lead to a logistical disaster. It is important to prioritize your san antonio wedding venue first. If you are planning to hire a specific vendor, you should pay attention to your wedding venue first to save time, money, and stress. Read on to see why your first step should be “location, location, location.”

You’ll create memories here: It makes sense that your venue should be a special place since it is the place you and your spouse were officially married. The san antonio wedding venue is arguably a top priority if you’re considering what everyone will remember about the event, as other vendors may give you more flexibility when it comes to finding the right one.

Your budget will be clearer: Your wedding venue accounts for around 20-30% of your total wedding budget or 40% with catering, so it’s important to get that expenditure out of the way early on so that your wedding budget is more realistic. Similarly, if you cannot afford the venue of your dreams, you can start looking for an alternative before setting a date and inviting your loved ones. It is also best not to send out your “Save-the-dates” before you have chosen a venue for the ceremony and reception. Your guests will no longer be confused by changing the schedule since you’ll save on stationary (which can be expensive).

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There is a high demand for venues: The best venues tend to book up quickly, even if all your vendors have easygoing schedules. Thus, it’s best to reserve your dream space as soon as possible, especially if you’re limited to a certain date. In addition to giving you more flexibility, you’ll also be able to pick the big day date more easily if you choose a venue in advance another good reason to put off sending out save-the-date cards. The number of venue options almost always decreases when a date is chosen before booking a venue, claim wedding professionals.

Restrictions may apply to vendors: It’s important to research venues before making any reservations because some may restrict which vendors they can work with, and vice versa. Many venues don’t advertise this, so do your research before making a decision.